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Hobby Farms
In addition to my love of Suffolk sheep I also have a
passion for horses and barrel racing.  I have been around
horses since I was born.  My first barrel racing experience
was at age four, and since then I have had much success.  
I have youth, high school, college, amateur and
professionally barrel raced and now have the pleasure of
watching our daughter follow in the same footsteps.  
Started and finished barrel horses are offered for sale and  
a select few outside horses are taken in for training.
I have had sheep for many years, but in 1999 I bought my
first two Suffolk ewes and with my husband's
encouragement the focus became specifically on the
Suffolk breed.  What started as my project has now become
a family project with my husband not only putting up all the
hay that they consume but now taking interest in the
progress of the flock.  Our daughter is also quite involved
having a portion of the flock as her own and learning the
skills of good animal husbandry.  Since eastern Montana
can have very extreme weather, ranging from 100+
degrees in the summer to -30 in the winter, a direct focus
was made on producing stock that can survive and excel in
these elements which has resulted in moderate sized, easy
keeping Suffolks with natural fleshing abilities.  Though
production records can sometimes be time consuming, they
have proven to be an important factor in selecting breeding
stock that will perform.  Performance data collected on
lambs is 30 and 60 day weights, 70 day post weaning test
and ribeye measurement.  Selection process for
maintaining breeding stock within the flock are rigorous and
the bottom line is they have to make money.  We
continually strive to produce stock that is appealing to the
eye on the hoof as well as on the rail and look their best
slick sheared. The flock is certified B-Ovis free through the
State of Montana and in January of 2012 became a
Certified Flock in the Scrapie Flock Certification Program
before program changes were made.  In the spring of 2013
the ewe flock was tested for OPP with all test results being
negative.   All breeding stock sold are QR or RR,
guaranteed NN and up to date on vaccination and worming.

The majority of the flock is moderate sized Suffolks, but we
do maintain a portion of the ewes for club lamb production.  
These lambs have performed well throughout the years for
4-H and FFA kids.  Club lambs are offered for sale the mid
part of April and will be up to date on vaccination and
worming.  Performance records on these lambs include 30
and 60 day weights.  

As well as offering breeding stock and club lambs, fresh
home grown lamb for butcher is also offered. Lambs are
raised in a clean, stress free environment which allows
them to grow naturally without hormones or routine
antibiotic use.  Their diet consists of pasture, fresh hay and
locally grown corn.

Fresh lamb/mutton is also available for your pet.  This meat
is free of any additives or preservatives.
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